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From persons to persons
An ideal with a face.

Maria Emília Barros


“Associação Auxílio e Amizade is a community that builds and seeks synergies to make people smile”.

Marta Jorge

Director – Social

“For me, Associação Auxílio e Amizade is about challenge, sharing and hope. It’s the way to make things happen and the responsible contribution to make the society where I live become better”.

Alexandra Balsas

Director – Finance

“Associação Auxílio e Amizade fills my heart. While some neglect the little things in life our families value them!”

Isabel Costa

Vice president

“Auxílio e Amizade is the opportunity we have to exercise our civil duty; of living in solidarity; of being mindful of the challenges faced by others. We seek to help where we can and to build bonds of trust and hope.”

Mira Benedito

Director – Communication and Image

“I’m committed to spreading the wonderful mission of Associação Auxílio e amizade all around.”

Gina Ferreira

Vice president

“Associação Auxílio e Amizade is the dream of being able to renew lives, to unleash the potential of the individuals by encouraging them to lead their future.”

Leonor Alcobia

Director – Administration

“At Associação Auxílio e Amizade we make our families smile so they can grow and become autonomous”.

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