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June 2001 – 21 persons sharing the same desire gathered their experiences, knowledge, and availability to help the homeless and the families in need in the city of Lisbon.

A working group joined the proposals, the contributions and invited more persons aligned with these concerns and objectives.

The group started activities with a budget of 800 escudos (the then currency).

The group met again, this time at the premises of a friend association that offered to elect a working group.

A name was found to the project: Associação Auxílio e Amizade, a non-profit association with the purpose of providing aid to the homeless, the families in need, the elderly and the bedridden.

A working area was chosen at the parish of Castelo, S. Vicente de Fora, S. Miguel, Santo Estêvão, Santiago and Sé, in the center of Lisbon.

The group contacted the local authorities to inform on the project and to seek for support.

A few months later the project was submitted to the approval of the Municipality of Lisbon, Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, and Social Security. It was approved.

Still in 2001, a meeting was held for the incorporation of Associação Auxílio e Amizade with the participation of 56 founders.

After completion of all legal proceedings, the bodies of the Association took office on the 4 th of January 2004.

The Association has been growing over the years and widening the number of persons for whom social service, training and psychological support is given. Our activities are based on volunteer work.

At first, the Association’s head office were located at a friend’s association but as we grew premises were rented for the association to develop its day-to-day activities.

Associação Auxílio e Amizade is a non-profit private institution for Social Solidarity (IPSS) legally incorporated on the 18th of December 2001.

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