Thank you for assigning 5% of your income tax
                                  to Associação Auxílio e Amizade

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Social work

There are many ways to help
and acting is the best way.

Social assistance to families.

Diagnostic and follow-up home visits.

Support and visits to the elderly:

  • Domestic visits.
  • Assistance to go outside.
  • Hospital visits.
  • Hairdresser at home.

Food support:

  • Regular monthly distribution.
  • Triweekly distribution of fresh products.
  • Distribution of the Christmas Basket to families.

Support in non-food items:

  • School supplies, hygiene and cleaning products, furniture, clothing, etc.

Psychological support:

  • At headquarters and at home.
  • Employment/training support.
  • Ludotherapy.
  • Mind Gym.

Parental counseling.

Study support (1st cycle)

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